Our HiveTribe community is the heart of the B.LOVED Hive, and I love to see our members grow and develop as business owners as they learn from others. This week we’re hearing from Anne Kinnear, owner of boutique wedding & events planning company Elizabeth Rose Events. Since disovering the HiveTribe Anne has become an integral member of our community, and I love watching her style emerge – the gorgeous brand imagery (shot by Helen Warner Photography) throughout this post is just a taste!

Here’s her story so far…

HOW DID YOU GET STARTED IN THE WEDDING INDUSTRY? Having worked in a range of corporate and private events I started my business because I wanted to help couples to create and pull off their perfect day! I was also at a point where I was dreading going to work every day and I knew I couldn’t do that forever, so I decided to take the leap!

I have always loved weddings, (borderline obsessed as a child!) and was always on wedding blogs, Instagram and pinterest looking at weddings so when I studied Event Management at Uni I knew I wanted to do weddings but, life happens and I ended up in a corporate world organizing conferences and awards dinners. When I decided to begin in the wedding industry I think what cemented it was how lovely and supportive everyone was and the love in everything.

WHAT MISTAKES HAVE YOU MADE, AND WHAT DID YOU LEARN FROM THEM? Oh, a lot! In starting up I underestimated how much business admin there was to do! I also started by doing everything on my own, not really talking to anyone in the industry and I didn’t realize how detrimental that was until I did talk to them – I’ve learnt to share and ask questions, make friends not just contacts and learn from everyone else. I’ve also learnt not to underestimate the value in working with quality people that fit what you want, not just settling for the cheapest or first you come across.

WHAT ADVICE WOULD YOU GIVE SOMEONE ABOUT TO MAKE THE LEAP TO BEING A FULL-TIME WEDDING PRO? Have a plan!! It is so important to dream and dream big but at the same time, think about the reality of working for yourself – the time management, the money etc. You don’t want to be stressed about money, knowing what you want to do to help your business but not being able to. If you can, then hold on until you’ve got some savings behind you and a business plan, then do it! It’s so exciting and a brave step so remember to be proud of yourself!

WHAT SUPPORT AND ADVICE HAVE YOU DISCOVERED, AND HOW HAS IT CHANGED YOUR BUSINESS?  To find your niche and stick to it, and to not devalue your services. Both things that when you are starting out are so tempting to waive a little bit because you want to get business but having multiple people give me that advice has shaped how I branded my business and how I think about my business and myself.

Also making time for yourself, everyone will tell you I’m sure but it’s so important! You need to look after yourself and switch off!

HOW DO YOU FIND A WORK/LIFE BALANCE? A lot of scheduling and an amazing support network of family and friends who don’t let me work 24/7! I make sure that I give myself a regular day off and am realistic with how I work. One of the main reasons for starting my own business was to have a better balance and you don’t want to forget that once you start! I’m able to take a random day off to go visit family or friends because I’ll then work another day that I wouldn’t normally. When you love what you do it can be easier to work late, work every weekend, work everywhere but work isn’t everything!! I love my family, my friends, my downtime and I don’t want to miss out on them – so I am intentional with it and prioritise them.

WHAT’S YOUR DEFINITION OF SUCCESS? Not having the dread on a Sunday evening, not waking up every work day already feeling rubbish. Success is loving what you do, not saying that it’s always easy, but enjoying it and it’s also having a happy medium of work and the rest of life! Success to me is being happy with what I do, with who I am, with the higglydy-pigglydy life I get to lead and being financially in a place to lead it.

WHAT’S YOUR NUMBER ONE TIP FOR NEW WEDDING PROS? Get around other industry people. My outlook, business, motivation and self-esteem changed completely when I started to connect with people on a similar journey. They can understand your struggles, give advice, motivate you to be better and celebrate your wins! Being a part of the Hive has changed the way I run my business and I don’t know what I did without it! Don’t try and do it by yourself.

WHAT’S NEXT FOR YOU & YOUR BUSINESS? 2018 is an exciting year! Lots of projects to be working on and developing my business further. Working with the amazing people this industry has to offer and making lots of pretty things!

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