As a new business owner you’ve gone through all the steps; come up with a great business idea, created the perfect brand, invested in an up-to-the-minute website and are posting regularly on social media.

You’re working all the hours you possibly can trying to make this thing work, borrowing more to exhibit at the best industry shows, working on collaborative projects and networking with industry leaders, doing everything you can to find recognition in your field.

You’re doing everything ‘right’.

Except the bookings are far from flooding in.  You jump on every enquiry you get in desperation, offering discounts and freebies to secure enough cash each month to repay your debts.  There’s no hope of reinvesting in your business, let alone pay yourself a salary.

The clients you do have are paying you a pittance, you’re working all hours to satisfy their never-ending demands. And you regularly dream of jacking it all in and getting a ‘real’ job. Or at least one that pays the bills.

You’re fed up of hearing the words ‘you’re too expensive’.

For five years I felt the same way, working 24/7 trying to please clients who didn’t value the service I offered – until I completely transformed the way I think about my brand.

Instead of focussing on my skills and what I had to offer clients, I thought about the people I wanted to work with and the problems and pain points they had.  Thinking about their problems and working out how I could solve them – and more importantly how I wanted them to feel when I did so – meant I could stop wasting time trying to market to everyone and start talking precisely to the dream clients I could help.

Here are my top 5 tips for targeting your dream clients:

Get clear on your business vision.

Why are you doing this? To pay the bills? Buy the dream house? To have the freedom to work from anywhere in the world? Whatever your motivation, keep a visual reminder of it everywhere you go. You’ll need this to keep you going when things get tough and to celebrate when you tick another goal of your list!

Identify your ideal client.

Put your dream client front & centre of everything you do – it’s not about you! Brainstorm every aspect of their life, until you know where they eat, shop and holiday right down to the colour nail polish they wear! Direct every piece of communication at this one individual. Hint: download my Dream Client Questionnaire here

Target the right publications.

One of the biggest mistakes in early business life is thinking any coverage is good coverage. Think about the publications your dream client is reading & the titles you want your brand to be associated with. Don’t just go for the most popular bloggers or well-known magazines because they have the largest audiences, consider more niche options where the readership is smaller, more targeted and more highly engaged.

Use the right imagery.

Today’s consumers are highly visual, wanting to understand exactly what they are getting before purchasing.  It’s all about creating imagery that not only showcases what you’re offering, but tells the story and feeling of experiencing your brand.

Get your pricing right.

It’s a common misconception that cheap = more sales. Being too cheap can actually do your brand more harm than good! Think about the level you want to pitch your brand at and the amount of work you can realistically do.  It’s all about working smarter, not harder. Target clients who want to work with you and who value your brand and you’ll quickly find you’re working less hours for more money!

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