With wedding season in full swing there’s a plethora of blog-worthy content being created throughout the country! But if you haven’t had your work published before then you may be wondering how working with bloggers can help your business?

But with hundreds of blogs out there, how do you know where to submit and what content to share?

Do your research

With a huge number of blogs out there it can seem overwhelming at first, and many awesome wedding pros put off submitting their work because they’re not sure where to start. Don’t be one of them!

With a little bit of research, you’ll quickly discover each blog has it’s own niche – a unique voice, aesthetic and bride who reads their blog.  Think about the style of wedding and type of bride that is featured – are they tattooed, alternative brides on a budget or elegant designer brides with money to burn? Find the blogs who’s target audience most closely matches your own.

Build a GENUINE relationship

While emailing a blogger cold may get you coverage, working more closely with a blogger and building a two-way relationship will get you long term results!  Start by following and interacting on social media, commenting on anything relevant in an authentic way. If you have the opportunity, connect with bloggers in industry groups or at networking and industry events.

If you know a blogger who you want to work with lives near you, invite them out for coffee!  Being a blogger stuck behind a laptop day in day out can be pretty lonely, they might be glad of the company!

Finally email an introduction, be friendly and genuine and start building that relationship!


Blogs feature a range of content – from real wedding & styled shoot features to brand showcases, reviews, collaborations and tutorials.  There are pro’s and cons to each type;

If you’re looking to promote your brand specifically, perhaps a new collection, service or product, then a sponsored post is the way to go. These can cost anywhere from £100+ so it’s important to make sure you find a blog

When budget is an issue, there are lots of ways to get free coverage – but these must be a perfect fit editorially.  Real wedding & styled shoot submissions are a bloggers bread & butter content, and Editors are always looking for fresh, new and exclusive content to share to inspire their readers.

Perhaps you don’t have a styled shoot or real wedding to submit? Then think about the knowledge and expertise you have to share. You could write a guest post or tutorial that informs brides, fills the bloggers schedule and showcases your skills.

Finally, you can always ask what they are looking for! Bloggers are always looking to create new content, so perhaps they are working on a collaborative project that you can contribute too – providing your product or service in return for coverage, credit and a copy of any images.


The key to keeping bloggers on side is to create exclusive content. Editors are always looking for something new to share that their readers can’t find elsewhere. When submitting your work ensure you stick to the exclusivity rules!

Be personal

Nothing puts off a blogger more than a ‘Dear Blogger’ email. It doesn’t take much to find out their name – use it!  A blogger’s About Page is also a great source of info – find out what they’re into and make your contact relevant!


You’d be surprised how many people forget to thank bloggers after a feature or share.  It takes no time at all and is essential in maintaining a great relationship.  A blogger may have spent many hours emailing back and forth, scheduling and creating your post. Imagine how it feels to get tumbleweed from the suppliers involved when they finally hit the publish button!

Sharing the post not only increases engagement, improves your visibility and reinforces your expertise with your own followers but also acts as a ‘thank you’ for sharing to the blogger!

Do you have any tips for working with bloggers? Share them below or head to our industry Facebook Group to join the conversation